Cross Walks and Walk Areas, Intersections, Production & Traffic Lanes and Warehouse Striping

Crosswalk,Intersection,Permanent Striping,Forklift Lane Painting:

Bowles Electrostatic Painting designs crosswalks and walk areas, Intersections, Production and Forklift Lanes to ensure safety for all personnel in your plant. All floors are Blast Trac to ensure proper adhesion and longevity of product applied. The product used is a 100 percent solid, 2-component epoxy floor coating system.  Our Striping is Blast Trac to ensure proper adhesion  and make it a permanent line after the 2 component urethane system is applied.  You can drag pallets and drive forklifts across these lines.

Coating used is 100 percent solid, 2-coat floor coating system.


Bowles Electrostatic Painting - Cross Walk - Louisville Ky Bowles Electrostatic Painting - Walk Area - Louisville Ky Bowles Electrostatic Painting - Traffic Lane - Louisville Ky