Powder Coating

June 24, 2016

Electrostatic Painting vs Powder Coating

Electrostatic Painting Electrostatic painting is often confused for powder coating. Both processes use electric charges to create magnetic bonds between the paint and the object, but a powder coat has to be baked in an oven off-site. With electrostatic painting, the bond between the paint and the object insures the paint will hold up, allowing […]

Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating
June 20, 2016

What is Powder Coating

At Bowles Electrostatic Painting we also offer Powder Coating services in Louisville for those whose jobs may not require on-site Electrostatic Painting.  We are frequently asked what Powder Coating is, so below is some more info about Powder Coating and the Powder Coating process.  If you still have any questions or need to know if […]

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