June 24, 2016

Machinery Refinishing

Machinery Refinishing is commonly mistaken for Machinery Painting, but there is a difference and the service you need for your industrial coatings job will depend on the condition of the machinery you wish to have painted.  When looking for a machinery painting company it is important to know the capabilities of the company you hire. Some will simply come in and sandblast your equipment before painting but that is not always the best form of long term machinery protection.  On older equipment, we find that a more thorough machinery refinishing process is necessary to achieve a higher standard of industrial coating. Sometimes this includes different blasting media, replacing machine fasteners, or even replacing metal on the machine.

At Bowles Electrostatic Painting we specialize in the meticulous refinishing of your machinery regardless of its age or condition. Our attention to detail in the preparation process guarantee a beautiful finish on your machines that is made to last.

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