March 4, 2014

Refurbishing the outside of your warehouse or plant

First Impressions are Important

A prospective client is looking for a new vendor to do work for them or provide a product or service for them first impressions are very important.  Just as when you first meet a person.  If they are dirty and their hair isn’t combed, they’re dressed sloppy then you don’t feel good about doing business with them.  The same is true about when a person first drives up to your business or factory.  If the pull up to an old building that is out dated looking, paint is faded or pealing off of your metal building.  Then they might not do business with you in fact they might just turn around and leave the property.  If they do stay and then come inside and find old delapadated looking equipment, flooring in bad shaped (needing striping and safety areas marked) walls and shelving dirty and nasty looking then it will enter into their decision.  The look of your company reflects who you are just like the way you keep yourelf personally.

We at Bowles Electrostatic Painting want to help you company’s self image and begin to change that first impression to a fresh clean new one.  Call us today and let on of our professionals tell you how not only your building can look new again but also your machinery and storage units. (such as file cabinets and shelving) 502-933-2768


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