August 21, 2013

Advantages of Painted Lines over Tape

Advantages of Permanent Painted Lines over Tape Lines

Installing lines on the floors of factories and warehouses seems inevitable: traffic must be directed, pedestrians need safe walkways, there are hazards to identify and organizational systems must be marked. Some factories resort to installing less expensive tape lines thinking they are saving money when in the long run they will be spending more in the long run.

1. Getting tape to stick to a concrete floor can require extensive surface prep. 
Laying tape for a stripe on a concrete floor is not as easy as it sounds, especially if the concrete is old and dirty, which is often the case with industrial floors.  You could spend a lot of money on preparing the floor for the tape to adhere properly and even then the tape will pull off in part of all by forklift traffic and pallets being drug across it.
2. Tape is short lived. 
I recently watched a video of a new type tape that showed that even after 10 forklifts with a 2000 lb load had been run across their tape and it showed it staying on over the conventional vinyl tape line.  However when they showed the close up on the video of the tape after it had been run over just 10 times it did show the wear and the frayed edges already showing up in their product.  So you can imagine how long this tape would last.

3. Tape is costly to maintain. 
If damage occurs, the lines have to be replaced with new tape. Bowles blast trac lines could in most cases just be cleaned, to remove traffic marks or wear and maybe once every year or two be touched up(not totally redone like tape. Futherrmore, a small section of a line cannot be replaced without sticking out like a sore thumb. Typically, there is one section of the line that experiences more traffic, such as a 15-foot section of a 200-foot line that gets more forklift traffic than the rest. When re-taped, it may look too bright compared to the rest of the line.

5. Doesn’t the Paint stink. 
There is a small odor to our product, however since our process rolled on, not sprayed so there is not the airborne spray.  Bowles has never had a complaint when laying our lines about the odor.

Moving to paint

Over just this past year Bowles Electrostatic Painting has been called to several plants that had already had tape lines or had tried samples of different types of tape that had failed miserably.   Our process is superior to tape and our lines are permanent.  Run your forklift and pallets across it and there will be no frayed edges or partial lines removed.  The reason being is because we blast trac our lines.  We blast the concrete approximately 1 mil in depth.(kind of like a broom finish) Our lines are recessed into the concrete.  Therefore when your forklift goes over our lines there are no edges to be pulled off or frayed.

Check out our video on how our blastrac process works.

And our video on our stripe application

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