June 23, 2014

Floor Striping

Warehouse / Factory / Plant

Floor Striping 

On-site applications, onsite inspections and/or on site, real-time, immediate proposals are part of the Bowles advantage.  

Bowles Electrostatic Commercial Painting Company and Contractors are this areas OnSite experts – bringing professional, dependable, reliable and unparalleled trust on site to your job-site with every visit.

Industrial line marking or Floor Striping is a dual purpose on-site application product and process used in distribution centers, plants, factories and warehouses:

1st,  it is used to improve storage efficiency by clearly designating areas.

2nd, it is used for safety in the demarcation of onsite:  

a)  pedestrian access routes, 

b)  forklift truck aisles and 

c)  no-go-zones – critical guides to separation without complete restriction.

Bowles Electrostatic Painting, has been the leader in onsite industrial floor marking and striping processes, procedures and technology – by following strict standards for concrete preparation, floor coating materials and on-site application methods.

Concrete preparation is central to achieving durability. 

Our Clients are able to have mechanical preparation carried out by shot blasting, grinding or shaving. These methods remove the smooth and/or old surface of a concrete floor, which in turn creates alternate levels of performance. 

Similar to preparing and treating wood before painting. The better prepared the surface is – the longer the coating will last.

Some of our Clients are unable to prepare their floor surfaces due to contractual restrictions. Bowles Electrostatic Painting has several floor marking products which perform well without preparation. With the correct preparation management, these possibilities will work very effectively. 

Bowles Electrostatic Painting will utilize all types of paint formulas and chemical mixes to ensure every floor type, usage and state guideline and restriction is addressed. Typical types include solvent free epoxy, solvent based epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, polyaspartic and chlorinated rubber.

Bowles Electrostatic Painting Services and floor marking projects are among the biggest projects managed and applied, anywhere in this region of the Country.

The vast scale and quantity require the most professional and organized approach possible, which is why we present every project in stages. 

This allows us to establish a schedule for the customer to use in pre-planning for our installation and application progress.

If the project is particularly complex and requires a project manager – they will visit the site prior to the application or installation to assist with planning and preparation. 

All of the Bowles Electrostatic Painting application and installation personnel are trained and insured to carry out all projects for all of our client’s sites.

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