October 21, 2015

Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for Kentucky & Indiana

Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for Kentucky & Indiana


All residue – traces of oil and grease and other contaminants must be removed before grinding or shot blasting. Grinding and shot blasting without cleaning will only push contamination deeper into the porous concrete surface. Use oil and grease emulsifiers to clean thoroughly.  Stubborn or heavy residue areas may require repeated applications.  Only then will the surface be ready for Industrial Coatings or a Commercial Painting in Indiana & Kentucky


Methods such as Shot and Sand Blasting, Scarifying, Diamond Grinding, Grinding/Sanding, Key Cuts and Water Jetting and Blasting are examples of effective means of mechanical surface preparation.

Below is a brief summary of these methods with features, benefits and limitations:

Shot Blasting,  The preferred method of mechanical preparation that strips thin coatings, cleans and profiles simultaneously.  It is suitable for large and small areas, delivers high production rates, dust free, dry and cost-effective.  Excess shot must be swept-up after blasting.

Scarifying Method uses metal or carbide disks that rotate at high speeds.  Levels uneven floors and edges of concrete. Removes adhesives and thick film coatings. Dusty, very slow and labor intensive. Leaves very rough profile only fit for high build coatings.

Diamond Grinding – Diamond bits are used to grind the surface.  Leaves a very smooth profile, ideal for thin film system applications. Low dust levels. Removes epoxies and urethanes. Slower than other methods.

Grinding/Sanding Prepares, cleans and abrades existing coatings for recoat and helps smooth aggregate floors. Is slow and labor intensive.

Key Cuts Masonry saw cuts/small grooves (approx.1/4inch deep) made around drains, doors and transitions.  These serve as anchor points for the epoxy system, limit sections of failure and reduce undercutting by chemicals.

Water Jetting or Blasting – Water sprayed at extremely high pressure (5,000-40,000 psi) with enough force to profile concrete, remove laitance, contamination and unsound concrete.  No dust is generated, tight spaces can be prepared and different profiles can be achieved.  Eliminates need for harsh chemicals.  Sufficient water source must be available, time required for thorough drying.


Settling cracks – repair after the sealer is applied and before finish coating.  Expansion joints should be repaired and filled after the coating system is in place.  When patching apply sealer to crevice to be repaired before applying epoxy patch.   This will enhance the bond strength of the patch.   Apply epoxy/aggregate mixture immediately after mixing – spread with trowel – grind off excess.  This process should be considered before any renovation or remodeling project is initiated or completed.

Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for Kentucky & Indiana

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