June 24, 2016

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting is a large part of our Louisville painting business and there’s a good reason for that, we are very good at what we do. Commercial painting (also known as commercial coating) is essentially like residential painting, but on a larger scale with specialty paints/coatings.

Commercial Painting is not only a great way to protect your commercial property or industrial equipment, but it also helps to increase the market value of your property while lowering the operating costs associated with maintenance and cleaning.

Bowles is the leader of Louisville Commercial Painting and has recently become the fastest growing Commercial Painting company in Nashville and among the top commercial painting company in Lexington.  Bowles credits their success on because of their ability to get more professional painters onsite and on time faster than our competitors while maintaining the highest standards of commercial painting and job site safety.  We pride ourselves on the industrial services we offer and guarantee results you can be proud of.

If you are looking for a commercial painting expert, give Bowles a call at 502-933-2768

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